Braces Colours: How to Choose the Best Braces Colour for Your Teeth

Choosing the best braces colour for your teeth is just one part of getting braces.

Braces have several components, one of which is the elastic band that surround the brackets. 

An advantage to getting braces from Braces Haven in Ottawa is that we have a variety of elastic bands colours to choose from and it’s all up to you which ones you have placed. Since braces and their elastic bands will be with you everywhere you go, you’ll want to make sure you pick a colour(s) that you’ll be happy with. 

These particular elastics are one that your orthodontist will have to place and you won’t be able to remove them at home. However, we will replace them for you about every six weeks during your orthodontic checkups. 

Depending on the kind of braces that you have, you may be able to choose multiple colours for your elastics. A power chain is one continuous elastic band that’s connected around the brackets. In this case you can choose one colour for your top teeth, and one for the bottom, or the same colour for each arch. Some braces use individual bands that go around each bracket. With this option you have the freedom to choose which colours (up to two) you want to have. 

There are some things that you might want to consider when selecting your unique braces colours.

Braces Colour Wheel

An orthodontic colour wheel is available to show all of the different colours that you can choose from for your particular set of orthodontics. At each visit we’ll show you the colour wheel so you can eliminate options that you don’t like, and narrow your preferences down to help you come to the choice for that day. Looking at the colour wheel ahead of time will help you be better prepared and feel less pressured when the time comes for you to get your elastics placed.

If you’re wanting to have more than one colour then a traditional colour wheel will help you figure out which colours match well with each other. For example, you can play around with different pairs to see that blue and yellow compliment one another, but blue and purple do not. 

What Are The Best Colours For Braces?

Ultimately the best colour for braces is the one that you feel comfortable with.  While some people may choose to go with colours that mean something to them (like school colours,) others may prefer to go with something that compliments their appearance, or looks as invisible as possible.

Braces Colours For Kids

Most kids want to express their personality through the colour of their braces, and can select their favorite shade at each visit. Many kids choose colours that match their favourite sports team or their clothing. You could even shoot for a theme, if your braces allow more than one colour band. For example, you could use red and yellow for a fireman look; green and brown for camouflage, or you could even imitate your favorite superhero. For Batman you would get black and yellow or for Superman you could choose red and blue.

Braces Colours For Adults

Most adults go for a more subtle approach to choosing their band colours. You may decide to compliment the colour of your eyes.  Both are great way to make your smile more appealing. 

Here is a list of different colours that compliment certain eye colours.

  • Blue Eyes: Lilac, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Gold
  • Green Eyes: Red, Orange, Purple, Gray, and Green
  • Brown Eyes: Green, Brown and Gold

If you want to go for the most discreet look that there is, elastic bands do come clear as well. 

Good Braces Colour Combinations

As mentioned earlier, for colours that coordinate with one another, the colour wheel can help you decide which ones are right for you.

You may also choose colour combinations that have a meaning to you and make a statement. You could go with the colours of your flag, your school colours, your favorite sports team’s jersey colours, or various shades of pink to represent breast cancer awareness.

Best Holiday Braces Colours

When the holidays come around, our Ottawa orthodontist will be glad to change the colour of your braces. For Christmas, red and green are very popular; pastel pink and baby blue for Easter; red, pink and white for Valentine’s Day; and orange and black for Halloween.

The Best Braces Colours That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth being yellow or stained, then your elastic bands can be used strategically to provide you with colour correction. 

By contrasting yellow teeth with a dark colour, your smile will look whiter. Avoid yellow, orange, or white bands because these colours can make your teeth look dull in contrast. White elastics can also stain easily so it’s best to go with a different colour choice if you have problems with stain buildup. 

Expressing Yourself Through Braces

Dr. Charles Cohen wants you to look and feel good in your braces. Make sure that you choose something you like, not what someone else wants for you. If you can’t decide, we’re always here to make suggestions and help you along the way.  For custom braces that help you express yourself call Braces Haven today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!