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Ceramic Braces: Price, What They Are, Comparisons & More

Ceramic braces, what are they, how much do they cost, are they better than traditional, metal braces and more.

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Today’s orthodontic patients have more options than ever when it comes to cosmetic and aesthetic solutions during their treatment.

Take ceramic braces for instance. These “cosmetic” orthodontics are ideal for adults and teens who aren’t necessarily fond of the idea of showing off a set of shiny brackets and wires.

Instead, they can choose to have a tooth-colored system that blends in with their smile. Unless you’re pausing to show others your teeth, they may never be able to get a good enough look to tell you’re in braces.

What are Ceramic Braces?

When it comes to clear ceramic braces, it’s easiest to describe them as the same as traditional orthodontics, but with brackets made out of tooth-colored materials that blend in with your smile’s natural shade.

Depending on the course of your treatment, our Ottawa orthodontist may even be able to use tooth-coloured archwires as well!

How Much Do Clear Ceramic Braces Cost?

Ceramic braces cost between $3,800 and $7,800 CAD.

You’re not alone when you’re wondering how much you’ll be out of pocket when it comes to clear ceramic braces costs. Surprisingly, investing in this alternative orthodontic option is more affordable than you may have thought.

Although ceramic braces prices tend to be slightly higher than that of conventional metal ones, that gap is gradually narrowing. Yes, there is a slightly higher cost involved when it comes to providing the materials needed, impacting ceramic braces prices.

But the difference when it comes to your overall monthly budget is not that significant.


The ultimate cost of getting clear braces significantly depends on your oral anatomy, dental health, and the overall length of time involved in treatment.

For example, someone getting short-term orthodontics to correct their front six teeth may only need to be in braces for 3-4 months, while someone with significant malocclusion (misaligned bite) might require 18-20 months.

The length of time necessary to properly align the teeth has a direct correlation with the final cost of the process. Fortunately, our orthodontist can provide you with an accurate estimate of the duration and total cost of the process at the time of your consultation.

Thanks to our affordable in-office financing plans, clear ceramic braces cost around the same or only a little bit more than getting conventional orthodontics.

What’s Better: Ceramic or Metal Braces

There’s a lot to be said for the advantages of ceramic braces in addition to their cosmetic appeal.

Because ceramic orthodontic systems are made similarly to traditional braces, they have many of the same advantages during treatment. Both options are effective in managing everything from mild tooth misalignment to severe crowding and space issues.

But our ceramic braces have another benefit. Since there are no wire ligatures or rubber bands to hold them in place, the archwires in cosmetic braces are allowed to glide just under a trap-door design built into the ceramic bracket. This reduces tension and pressure on the patient’s teeth, making the overall process more comfortable.

How to Avoid Ceramic Braces Stain

It’s natural to be concerned with possible stain accumulation and buildup around cosmetic/ceramic braces. After all, the discoloration, plaque, or tartar can make your appliances stand out (and not so “clear.”)

Fortunately, great oral hygiene is all that it takes to minimize your chances of discoloration and stain during treatment. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day. Take your time to spend at least two minutes during each session. Focus above and below each bracket as you brush across your teeth, then use a tufted-end brush (such as a “proxy-” or “proxa-” brush) to clean up and down between each bracket.
  • Investing in an electric toothbrush can help keep your teeth cleaner than relying on a manual version.
  • Clean between each tooth with a special orthodontic flosser or water flosser, to reach areas that a brush cannot.
  • When possible, avoid foods that tend to cause the most significant amounts of stain, such as soda, coffee, tea, spaghetti sauce, red wine, etc.
  • Consider incorporating a whitening mouthwash or toothpaste to limit the accumulation of new tooth stain.
  • Schedule regular cleanings with your Barrhaven dentist, every six months. (Obviously, if you don’t live in Barrhaven, you’ll have to refer to the dental office you go to in the city that you live in.)

Do Ceramic Braces Take Longer?

As we’ve already established that ceramic braces are quite similar to conventional orthodontics, they take about the same amount of time when it comes to completing your treatment.

However, the length of treatment can take longer in instances where home care instructions are forgotten.

For example, if you need to wear a special appliance or elastics at night and see our Barrhaven orthodontist on a set schedule, overlooking those steps can significantly increase the length of your overall treatment.

The more dedicated you are to following home care instructions and keeping your appointments, the more efficiently we can complete your orthodontic treatment, regardless of which type of braces you’re wearing.

Ceramic Braces for Adults

When it comes down to who makes a good candidate for ceramic braces in Barrhaven, adults tend to be the ones who make up a majority of our patients. Although ceramic braces can also be offered to responsible teens, most of the people who request them are busy parents or working professionals.

With ceramic brackets, an executive can continue having business meetings without detracting from their appearance, a busy mom can look her best without making it appear she’s reliving high school again, and college students can put their best face forward when they’re looking for their first job.

That being said, there’s no age restriction on wearing orthodontic appliances. You can be recently retired or a new grandparent and still get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted.

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Before settling on a specific type of braces, our Barrhaven orthodontist will need to personally assess your bite, oral anatomy, dental health, and then discuss any viable options with you. It’s no different when you choose clear ceramic braces.

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